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Riverside: The Inn at Cambridge Springs

Dining, Live Theatre, Lounge, Lodging, Event Planning and Family Entertainment all under one roof!

Just a few pleasant miles from everywhere.

Now Playing...The Witch in 204

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Latch your windows! Bolt your door! Beware of The Witch in 204! You know your property value has plummeted when a witch moves in next door! But, that’s not retired schoolteacher, Sylvie Goldberg’s only trouble. Sylvie’s hopes of living happily-ever-after with Eugene, the “otherworldly” gentleman of her dreams, soon dissipate when the witch next door, Bella, turns out to be Eugene’s mysterious former paramour, who proceeds to wreck havoc on Sylvie and Eugene’s wedding day as the uninvited guest. Scandal quickly ensues when Bella mistakes Sylvie’s neighbor, Evelyn Greenbaum, for Sylvie and attempts to poison Evelyn with a lethal brew.

Show Dates & Times

July 29-31

August 2-3, 5-7, 9-10, 12-14

Performance Times:

Sunday: 2:30pm

Tuesday/Wednesday: 12:00pm

Friday/Saturday: 7:00pm


$45/ person includes dinner & show.

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